KYG Portable Car Compressor Mini Compressor with Backlit LCD Digital Rechargeable Mini Electric Pump 12V 150 PSI for Cars and Inflatables


VERSATILE: Our KYG portable mini compressor is compact and versatile, it is easily transportable and allows you to inflate your car tires, SUVs, balls, inflatables, motorcycle and bicycle wheels anytime, anywhere! (Accessories are stored on the back of the air pump)

MULTIFUNCTION: The portable car compressor not only performs the function of air inflation, but is also equipped with a flashlight to guarantee a clear night vision and a USB port to allow you to recharge your smartphone at any time.

SUPER BATTERY: The built-in triple 1000 mAh lithium battery guarantees you considerable power to inflate your car’s tires. In addition, it is equipped with an adapter for common sockets, allowing you to charge the compressor both in the car and at home.

SIMPLE OPERATIONS: The car compressor is very simple to use. Just install the appropriate parts, turn it on, set the desired inflation values ​​using the appropriate buttons and press the inflation button. The inflation and shutdown operations will be completely automatic.

LCD INDICATOR: Our compressor is equipped with LED lights to provide the right lighting in case of night emergency. The digital LCD pressure gauge allows you to preset the desired inflation pressure and the compressor will automatically stop inflation when the set pressure is reached.



  • Do not force or hit the device.
  • Do not expose the device to rain or moisture.
  • If abnormal noises occur during operation, discontinue use immediately.
  • Do not use the device continuously for more than 8 minutes. After 8 minutes of continuous operation, the air pump must be stopped for 3 minutes. Continuous continuous use can cause damage to the pump.
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • Maximum inflation pressure
  • Preset pressure mini and portable
  • 4 switchable units
  • Multiple accessories

Package contents

  • 1pc * intelligent pneumatic inflator
  • 1pc * air tube
  • 1pc * ball air adapter
  • 1pc * air adapter for swimming rings
  • 1pc * air adapter for the valve lends itself
  • 1pc * air adapter for others
  • 1pc * USB charging cable
Operate it without complexity

  • Screw the air hose into the hose connection.
  • Connect the air pump to the equipment to be inflated.
  • Set the required air pressure.
  • Press the power button to start inflating.
  • The LCD will show the current pressure and automatically turn off when the air pressure reaches the default value.

Humanized Operation

  • -: reduces stress
  • +: Increases the pressure
  • U: Replace the pressure unit (PSI / BAR / KPA / KG / CM2)
  • 1/0: turns the pump on or off

Emergency light

Press and hold the “U” button for two seconds to turn on the light.

1000mAh * 3 rechargeable batteries

Use the battery as a mobile power source to charge the USB charging device.