KYG Net Bags for Washing Machine Linen Washing Machine for Save Laundry Bra Bags with Zip Bag for Delicate Clothes 8 PCS Various Sizes for Shirts Socks Lingerie Underwear


👕 【Complete protection】 These durable and high-quality bags, unlike the lower quality mesh bags, ensure that clothes, bras and linen remain in perfect condition.
👕 【Resistant and Reusable】 made of high quality polyester mesh, thicker than others. Soap and water can easily flow through the net for optimal cleaning.
👕 【Clean and tidy】 Excellent for maintaining your hygiene, the items inside are washed without having contact with the drum or with other totally different items.
👕 【Hidden Zipper】 Hidden zipper design, the protective belt uses a special material to facilitate the zipper, effectively avoiding the attachment of clothes during the washing process.
👕 【Contents】 The kit includes: 5 * rectangular bags, 2 * shell shaped bags, 1 * cylinder shaped bag. They are for t-shirts, lingerie, sweaters, knitwear, bras and children’s clothes from each other, cleaner and healthier.


Hidden zipper design. Avoid damage to clothing zips when washing clothes. Intimate and safe, solid and resistant.

The fabric is made of ecological vinyl for a healthier and more resistant appearance. Greater thickness and flexibility.

It can be used as a case for business travel and travel. At a glance, it is clean and tidy.

  • easily deformed for long term use and it is strong and clean.
  • Suitable for: dirty clothes such as shirts, T-shirts, trousers, bed linen etc.
  • The crossed and braided structure and the stepped mesh shape, the mesh is fine, but it does not block the regular flow of water and the texture is soft.
  • Suitable for: soft clothes such as sweaters, underwear, bath towels, socks, etc., to reduce the production of cotton balls.