KYG coffee maker made of stainless steel French Press System with 5 stainless steel filters Double-walled French coffee press 1L


Innovative design : Nobody wants to get coffee grounds in their mouths when drinking coffee grounds. The three-layer filter is our innovation for this problem. The first filter layer is firmly attached to the French Press and can filter out most of the coffee grounds. The second layer filters out some missing coffee bean residues. 100% coffee grounds free.

High-quality stainless steel : Our coffee maker with a two-layer construction is made of double-walled stainless steel. Therefore, the coffee maker keeps coffee or tea warm longer while it can stay cool outside.Enjoy the fragrant coffee. At the same time, it retains the original coffee aroma as well as possible.

For various purposes : 5 filters for different requirements – ideal for brewing coffee / tea or frothing milk. This stainless steel coffee maker has been developed for years and is more stable, easier to clean and never breaks than a glass press. The handle is ergonomically shaped so that you don’t burn your hands. It is ideal for you especially if you have pets and / or children in the house.

Easier to clean : Whole body cleaning so that you can clean your coffee maker thoroughly. All accessories of the French Press can be easily removed. It’s very easy. At the same time, you can easily install it. For camping or picnics, this press jug is an indispensable companion.

Scope of delivery: KYG 1L Naughty Press, 5 extra filters, 24 months lifelong, friendly customer service. If you have quality problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.



Enjoy your coffee with the KYG coffee maker

When preparing coffee, the coffee is fully soaked in the piston coffee machine and the coffee grounds are separated with a metal filter using the pressure bar. The coffee obtained from this brewing method is very soft. The last coffee is pretty clean too.

The beauty of coffee is the KYG Piston coffee machine. You don’t have to go to a café, you don’t need tea. With the KYG Piston coffee machine you can immerse yourself in the perfect life of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and at noon or in the evening you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and treat yourself to a nice day.

Rotating lid design

  • Turn the cabinet towards your mouth to avoid heat loss. The baffle inside so that you can pour coffee easily.
  • Warning: Make sure the hatch is facing out to keep warm. Make sure that the flap is turned inwards when pouring coffee.

Triple fine filter

Tripe fine filters can filter more carefully, fully retain the original taste of coffee and tea and completely filter the residues. At the same time, the piston cover and the filter can be removed. All parts of this coffee machine are dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier. so it’s nice to have a cup of coffee.

Body and double layer cover

The double stainless steel lid, which is easy to filter and extract, can prevent the temperature loss in a short time, and the crusty layer is treated with a slanted mouth to facilitate the smooth pouring of the coffee. At the same time, the two-layer body can prevent burning.