KYG coffee grinder 300W electric coffee grinder coffee beans nuts spices grain mill with stainless steel knife 50g capacity black MULTIPLE-WAY


High quality food grade stainless steel beater knife: The electric coffee grinder with 300W power can completely and quickly grind all filled coffee beans (or nuts, herbs and spices etc.) within 60s.

Easy to use: fill the beans in the container, insert the power plug into the socket and press the ON button takes 8-25s, then done.

Being able to grind a wide variety of beans: perfect for grinding coffee beans, grains, nuts, sugar and spices etc. A filling with 50g is painted.

Easy and quick to clean: The grinding container is easily cleaned with a small brush and the bowl can be wiped with a dry cloth.

Short-term operation: The coffee grinder is designed for short-term operation (within 1 min), ie you can operate the coffee grinder up to max. Use continuously for 1 min.



KYG electric coffee grinder, coffee or food cooking to relax and enjoy!

With KYG electric coffee grinders you can enjoy freshly ground coffee with an extraordinary aroma.

KYG electric coffee grinder with a beater grinder, you can produce coffee powder for your filter coffee, but also grind nuts, linseed or chia seeds.

KYG beater knife coffee grinder

  • KYG electric coffee grinder has an output of 300 watts and a total capacity of 50 g coffee beans.
  • This grinder is equipped with a chopper grinder and a grinding bowl made of robust stainless steel.
  • The electric coffee grinder only works when the lid is on.
  • The degree of grinding can be determined depending on the duration of grinding.
The coffee grinder works quickly and quietly and the freshly ground coffee tastes perfect.
  • 300 watts, powerful
  • Knife made of stainless steel
  • Robust housing and lid
  • Degree of grinding depending on the grinding time
  • Press impulse or continuous press
  • Very easy to clean with the included brush
  • The mill is small, takes up little space
scope of delivery
  • KYG electric coffee grinder
  • Cleaning brush & stainless steel spoon
  • Operating instructions (multilingual)
Technical specifications
  • Knife material: stainless steel
  • Power: 300watts
  • Bean hopper capacity: 50g
  • Net weight: 587g
  • Operating mode: mains operation
  • Diameter: 95mm
  • Height: 190mm
  • Bean hopper depth: 46mm

The large push button, very easy and safe to use. Through the transparent cover you can observe the degree of fineness at any time and possibly press again briefly to continue grinding or stop.

With 300 watts of power, it is designed for short-term operation (within 1 min), coffee freshly ground, quickly and easily ground. Depending on the duration of the switch, coffee is ground coarsely or finely.

In addition to coffee, this grinder is suitable for powdered sugar, dried herbs, nuts, rice flour, etc. All of them were broken up in a matter of seconds and if you let the machine run a little further, you get fine powder.


  • Made of high quality food-grade stainless steel grinding bowl, knives ensure safe use.
  • A total capacity of 50 g of coffee beans.


  • Transparent lid enables the grinding degree to be monitored.
  • When you put the lid on you can hear “click”.


  • Lift the lid off and coffee up to max. put in
  • Put the lid back on
  • Keep the ON / OFF button pressed until the coffee has the desired grinding
  • Take out the coffee and briefly clean it with a brush


  • You can also make an aromatic coffee powder. Coarse ground coffee powder is also suitable for a filter coffee. The degree of grinding can be determined depending on the duration of grinding.