KYG 6V / 12V Car Charger and Maintainer, Battery Starter / Auto Charge for Cars, Motorcycles, Multi Protections Smart Charger


🚘 【LED display】 The latest features of the new update. View the voltage and power supply in real time, understand the actual battery charge, check the health of the battery and replace the node with the control battery.
🚘 【RESISTANT AND FLEXIBLE】 The battery charger is compatible with different types of batteries. The charger can charge two different voltages (6V or 12V). The recommended battery capacity is 10-120 Ah, MAX. 200 Ah.If you are not sure whether your car battery is suitable, please contact us. Developed and tested for use in extreme conditions.
🚘 【MULTIPLE PROTECTION】 Overvoltage protection, reverse connection protection (for positive and negative connection error) short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, low voltage protection.
🚘 【EASY AND FAST CONNECTION】 Manually select 6v or 12V to adapt to the different batteries of different cars. Easily switch between terminals and ring connectors to better fit the contacts of your car / motorcycle battery.
🚘 【EASY TO USE】 The LED indicator of the charger maintainer shows the charging process and whether the connection is complete or defective. The indicator light will always alert you during the process, giving you an intuitive view of the charging status. Three ways of recharging, constant voltage, direct current and floating charge, keeps the batteries at optimal charge, make sure that the battery is deeply saturated.