3 in 1 steam sterilizer Baby sterilizer bottle warmer with drying function 900W, space for up to 6 baby bottles, LCD display, warming function and thawing


【3-in-1 steam sterilizer】: Main functions: sterilizer, dryer, milk warmer. With a total output of 900 watts, the steam sterilizer can heat breast milk, milk food, food supplements, thawing and disinfecting.
【High temperature disinfection】: With the 100 ° cycle steam, you can sterilize the baby bottles to remove 99.9% of the bacteria and protect the health of your baby. The automatic drying after hot disinfection has a moisture-repellent effect and prevents the formation of new bacteria.
【Large enough: 6 vials】: KYG large capacity steam sterilizer can sterilize and dry 6 normal large vials and baby accessories.
【Gentle thawing】: Gentle thawing of breast milk, which effectively fixes the diet precisely. Defrosting temperature can be set freely (37-60 ℃).
【Fast and safe】: One-button start, fully automatic disinfection and drying. The bottle warmer is made of safe and harmless PP material.



TWO important reasons to choose KYG:

Multi-functional: KYG steam sterilizer is also a bottle warmer. You can use it to heat milk, keep milk warm, heat food, and sterilize bottles, which helps you save budget and space.

Versatile modes: The experts at KYG have examined and analyzed many steam sterilizers on the market and found the advantages and disadvantages of the various sterilizers.

KYG is committed to solving the most pressing and most affected questions for mothers:

KYG steam sterilizer offers three types to protect breast milk or milk — Fast disinfection, gentle heating with a constant temperature, automatic or separate drying


Steam sterilizer

High temperature steam sterilizer can reach up to 100 °. Can kill 99.9% of bacteria in the bottle, protecting your baby from malignant germs and harmful bacteria on baby bottles.

Ultrafast heating

means that you can quickly heat the milk with steam. If you want to heat up quickly, you can also press “+” to increase the temperature. (The specific time depends on the bottle material, the amount of milk and the starting temperature of the milk, etc.)

One button start

One-button disinfection and warm milk, fully automatic drying. Night operation is clear, the sensitive touch is controlled in real time and operation is easy.

Thaw and dry

After you have filled the hot milk room with water, press the HOT and + buttons simultaneously for 1.5 seconds. Press and hold the drying button and the “+” button for 1.5 seconds. Can be thawed and dried separately.

BPA free safe materials

Steam sterilizers are made of food-grade material that does not produce any toxic chemical compounds when heated. The safety of your baby is always a priority for us.

An ideal gift for baby

This 3 in 1 smart steam sterilizer fulfills a wide variety of tasks and offers all-round care for feeding infants and healthy growth for your baby!